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We Predict Simplified Procurements Will Drop To 10% - Procurement Agency

Natia Taktakishvili
29.09.22 12:00
The Parliament on Wednesday considered a new draft law on procurement, which included a number of changes in the procedures by which state institutions purchase various goods and services.

According to the head of the State Procurement Agency, Levan Razmadze, with these changes, the volume of simplified procurements will drop from 17% to 10%.

"According to the law, it will be possible to announce simplified procurement, but there must be an urgent need. All countries have this type of procurement, in the case of disasters and contingencies. According to the statistics of 2011 and 2012, 51% were simplified procurements. We started this reform in 2015, and when the simplified procurement permits were transferred to the agency, we successfully implemented the first stage. The number of simplified purchases came down to 17%.

The new draft law completely removed 'subsection D', which provided simplified procurements for public importance circumstances. We predict simplified purchases will drop to 10%," Levan Razmadze, head of the State Procurement Agency told BMG.