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We Remain Loyal To The Agreement Signed With TAV - Deputy Minister


07.06.23 16:00 275 ნახვა

Deputy Minister of Economy Mariam Kvrivishvili says that this week the Ministry of Economy will start studying the potential of building a new airport in the territory of Vaziani. In particular, the study will reveal whether a new airport will be built in this area or the existing one will be expanded.

The fact is that according to the contract signed with TAV Georgia, the managing company of Tbilisi and Batumi International Airport, the government has no right to build an airport within a radius of 150 kilometers without agreement with TAV.

Kvrivishvili says that the government is faithful to this agreement, but she does not talk about other details.

"We have a valid contract with TAV Georgia and remain legally faithful to the contract signed between the government and this company. Every decision that the government makes is fully consistent with the signed agreement. As for the future plans, it is a little too early to talk about how the main airport of the country will develop, let's not get ahead of the events and wait for the results of the research", says Kvrivishvili.
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