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Why Did BGEO Share Price Increase On The LSE? - CEO Of BOG

Natia Taktakishvili
23.09.22 14:00
In the last three months, the value of Bank of Georgia shares e increased by 32% on the London Stock Exchange.

According to Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of Bank of Georgia, the growth of the country's economy and sustainable environment reassured investors, and this was reflected on the shares.

"During the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, our investors were very scared. But on the contrary, the growth of the economy was higher than people expected, this had an impact on the Bank of Georgia shares", - explained Gachechiladze.

The price on "Bank of Georgia" (BGEO) shares decreased by 1.88% and currently, the price of one share is GBP 20.85. According to the report, the company's market capitalization was down by GBP 20 million, which now stands at GBP 1.025 million. In the last three months, the Bank of Georgia shares has increased by 32%. Last week, Bank of Georgia shares of 587,663 were traded.