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TOP-10 In The Economy Last Week

TOP-10 In The Economy Last Week
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TOP-10 in the economy last week (June 7-12, 2021):
1.Foreign Direct Invests in Georgian down by 28.3% compared to Q1, 2021;
2.The opposition and the government agreed to fulfill three conditions on construction of Namakhvani HPP;
3.The draft code on Information Security, which contradicts certain requirements of the European Directive, was approved by the Parliament in the third reading;
4.The Government has adopted a resolution setting out the procedure for examining allegations of alleged dumping;
5.In 2021-2023, The French Development Agency will provide a loan of 450 million Georgia and a grant of 33 million EUR;
6.Ministerial Hour of Finance Minister Lasha Khutsishvili in the Parliament;
7.Why did the British gold mining company Empire Metals leave Georgia?
8.Georgian citizens will receive electricity from new companies from July 1, 2021;
9.Demand for refinancing loans is down due to the refinancing rate rise;
10.According to the World Bank forecast, Georgia's economic growth will be 6.0% in 2021.