22.Apr .2020 11:30

A stability standard from Germany- How ProCredit Bank is working today

A stability standard from Germany- How ProCredit Bank is working today
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The current COVID-19 pandemic poses many economic challenges to countries worldwide and Georgia is no exception. In times such as these, cooperation with sustainable financial institutions and the proactive support of the market is of particular importance. Today, as never before, customers need uninterrupted, fast and secure banking services from their financial partner.

BM.ge talked to Ana Bochorishvili, a specialist from the Business Department of ProCredit Bank, and Grigol Saliashvili, Head of the Private Clients Department of ProCredit Bank, about the stability standard of ProCredit, the German bank operating in Georgia, as well as other operational standards and innovations.

‘In Georgia for Georgia’ is the principle on which the strong German bank continues its operations and with which it remains a loyal and stable partner for Georgian business and private clients − regardless of the circumstances. “ProCredit is mainly focused on ensuring the security of its employees and customers, providing remote access to banking services, and risk management”− Mr Saliashvili explains and adds that the remote service strategies that have been in place at the bank since 2018 are of particular importance for the whole banking sector in the country today.

Furthermore, as part of its strategy, ProCredit Bank is focusing - at an even faster pace - on the development of additional online services that will give customers access to all the banking services they require without having to leave their homes. “It is important that with our digital platform and plastic cards, we offer our customers a comfortable banking space for secure online and non-cash payments as well as remote services. Soon, another online branch will be added to the bank's branch network and will be an additional protected and comfortable environment for both current and new clients − a space in which you can access services without leaving home, a branch open whenever the client needs it”, Saliashvili said.

In addition to the rapid development of remote banking services, ProCredit Bank has made it a priority to support businesses in these times of crisis. “We have discussed the situation of all business clients facing financial difficulties today on an individual basis and have offered them conditions tailored to their needs, including a grace period adjusted to their business specifics. Today, the bank continues serving business clients as usual, including providing financing, accepting deposits or performing any other banking operations. The customer service process is in most cases completely remote. The secure and convenient electronic environment created from the very beginning makes it possible for us to do that.” Ms Bochorishvili explains.

ProCredit Bank also notes that the news mainly focuses on employees being able to perform their jobs remotely. Eighty per cent of ProCredit’s staff is already working from home using online platforms. No changes have been made to employee training programmes − the teaching process has just temporarily moved online. The bank also continues to recruit staff. In times of social distancing, communicating with one another is greatly facilitated by a friendly team of employees and a unified corporate language.

Finally, according to Ms Bochorishvili, the public and private sectors in Georgia have met the pandemic with a strong cooperative approach, which gives us reason to conclude that we can overcome the difficult challenges ahead by working together.