19.Feb .2021 13:30

BAG - prospective investors are also observing the ongoing processes in the country

BAG - prospective investors are also observing the ongoing processes in the country
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Soso Pkhakadze, President of the Georgian Business Association (BAG) declares, that unstable conditions have a negative impact on the business environment and economic development of the country. According to him, a sustainable, predictable political and economic environment is especially important for the business.

"It is noteworthy that ongoing processes in the country are observed by the country's international partners, as well as prospective investors working on international markets. Rapid growth and development of the country's economy is impossible without their involvement. Consequently, stability is necessary for the businesses today, as never before in order to minimize risks amid the pandemic”, Pkhakadze notes.

According to him, Georgian Business Association has always cooperated as a mediator between the government and business operators. He notes that BAG has coopered with the former Prime Minister and deeply hopes, they will continue cooperating with the new government of Georgia in a similar way.

“However, we think that there is no alternative to dialogue between the political parties. Accordingly, we hope that each party involved in the process will put the interests of the state first and ultimately reach a stable environment in order to overcome the crisis amid the pandemic. We also believe that a strong business is a precondition for creating a strong economy, and a strong economy is the cornerstone of the success of any normal country, "- said Soso Pkhakadze.