01.Mar .2022 17:09

Chain Stores Withdraw Borjomi From Trade In Lithuania

Chain Stores Withdraw Borjomi From Trade In Lithuania
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Chain store Maxima has announced that it is suspending Borjomi's mineral water orders and will remove it from the Lithuanian market in the next few days. The same decision was made by other chain stores Iki and Rimi.

Ernesta Dapkienė, director of Maxima's Communication and Image Department, said that the decision was based on the European Union's sanctions against new individuals and entities announced yesterday.

"We continue to follow the list of natural and legal persons included in the EU sanctions package and do not cooperate with the suppliers on the sanctions list. It is also no longer possible to buy goods of Belarusian and Russian origin in our stores, ” the retail company states.

Vaida Budrienė, Iki's communication manager said that the retail chain made the same decision.

Retail chain Rimi will also suspend Borjomi's mineral water orders and withdraw them from the trade

In January 2013, Georgian business person Inna Gudavadze sold the majority stake in IDS Borjomi to the Russian company Alfa Group. Alfa Group is one of Russia's largest private investment groups, run by Ukrainian-born Russian business oligarch Mikhail Friedman.

Source: www.15min.lt