20.Sep .2021 15:30

Does Georgia Consider Booster Vaccines For Covid-19? - Ivane Chkhaidze

Does Georgia Consider Booster Vaccines For Covid-19? - Ivane Chkhaidze
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Ivane Chkhaidze, head of the pediatric department of the Iashvili Clinic and a member of the Immunization Council, believes that booster doses should be considered in Georgia for specific groups, in particular, members of the medical field and citizens age 60 and above with chronic diseases.

As Chkhaidze has stated, there are almost no different positions on this issue.

"There are countries where booster vacines for Covid-19 has started, and for example this is Bahrain. Manufacturers declare that booster dose will enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the COVID-19 vaccine, but US regulators say that Pfizer vaccine does not loses its strength in a short time and there is no need a booster dose. Most countries abstain from boosters, whileWHO is categorically opposed to it.

The only thing that I think should be discussed in Georgia is to make a booster for the selected groups, and they should be medical staff and the population with chronic disease over 60. In fact, there is no different position in this regard. Many countries are planing this, many will start in October and we think it is important for Georgia to go in this direction as well, ”Ivane Chkhaidze explained.