26.Oct .2020 18:45

EPAM opens job vacancies for Tbilisi, Georgia

EPAM opens job vacancies for Tbilisi, Georgia
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EPAM has already posted 14 job openings for Tbilisi Georgia mainly looking for developers and Java Engineers on its website.

According to this website, EPAM’s Executive Leadership and Senior Management bring decades of industry experience, a global perspective and a passion for achieving results.

EPAM’s founders are Arkadiy Dobkin and Leo Lozner who met each other in grade school in Minsk, Belarus. More than 20 years later, in 1993, they started EPAM, a global software engineering services company. EPAM’s global headquarters are located in Arkadiy’s apartment in New Jersey and across the ocean, its offshore software development center is in Leo’s home in downtown Minsk, Belarus.

“Since 1993, EPAM has relied on its Engineering DNA to underpin its work with clients, leading to major innovations, digital transformations and business results – EPAM’s History reads - In that time, we’ve expanded geographically, as well as extended our core engineering capabilities to include business consulting, design and physical product development. We’ve been at the forefront of some of the most exciting technology-led transformations in the industry, and our story continues into today’s modern age of agile delivery, big data, machine learning and AI”.

To this day Microsoft, Google and other companies team up with EPAM for better results.

EPAM’s shares are traded on NY Stock Exchange since 8 February 2012. Today maker price per share is 339, 05 USD. Company’s capitalization reaches 18, 94 Billion USD.

Couple of weeks ago, Minister of Economy Natia Turnava announced that EPAM was entering Georgia and said that this interest was generated after the government’s initiative which considers shipping, logistics, and trading companies, and IT companies, to benefit from tax breaks if they receive the status of "international companies." The benefits include a reduction in both income and profit tax to 5%.