24.Oct .2020 00:00

Georgia Withdraws an Average of 289 GEL From ATMs


How much do you withdraw from an ATM? - According to statistics, the most frequent ATMs in the country are transactions worth 289 GEL.
According to the National Bank, in September 2020, 7.5 million transactions were made through 2,658 ATMs in the country, which means that an average of 2,800 transactions per month, or 94 transactions per day, are completed.
According to statistics, 2.16 billion GEL worth of transactions were made through Georgian bank cards through ATMs in September; Compared to the previous month, this amount is 248 million GEL more.
The National Bank report shows that the peak load of ATMs every year comes in December. The amount withdrawn from an ATM in the same month is always higher than in other months of the year. The reason for the increase in the load in December is New Year's expenses.
As for POS-terminals, their number is growing every month. There are 71 thousand payment terminals in trade or service facilities throughout Georgia, which is 14 thousand more than a year ago.
According to the National Bank statistics, ATMs carry out twice the amount of transactions compared to POS-terminals, although the number of terminal operations exceeds the operations of ATMs several times.
According to the National Bank statistics, in September 2020, 28 million units worth 962 million GEL were operated through POS-terminals. Accordingly, the average cost of one terminal payment was 34 GEL.
According to statistics, since POS-terminals' spread has increased, the average volume of payments made through them has decreased.