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How Much Revenue Did Mobile Operators Receive In 2021?

How Much Revenue Did Mobile Operators Receive In 2021?
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Total revenue of 3 mobile operators in Georgia made up GEL 554 million in 2021. Of which market leader MagtiCom received the highest income, which amounted to GEL 258.6 million.

There are 5.16 million active subscribers in Georgia, including 41.7% accounts for Magti, 33.3% - Silknet, and 25% - Vioni.

According to the revenues in 2021, the rating of mobile operators is as follows:

•MagtiCom - GEL 258,564,670, an increase of 16.1% over the previous year
•Silknet - GEL 195,419,922, an increase of 9.4% over the previous year
•Vioni Georgia - GEL 100,540,150, an increase of 13.5% over the previous year

As for ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), MagtiCom has the highest ARPU, which amounts to GEL 10.98 per subscriber.
Mobile Operators by ARPU:

MagtiCom - GEL 10.98;
Silknet - GEL 10.26;
Vioni Georgia - GEL 6.86.

The fastest growing segment for mobile operators is the mobile internet segment, which by the end of 2021 generated 41% of their monthly revenue. In total, 3.2 million mobile internet subscribers consumed 318,171 terabytes of internet last year, which is 65% more than the previous year.

The number of voice calls increased by only 4% last year. A total of 5,752,035,699 phone calls were made in 2021, with one subscriber speaking an average of 164 minutes per month.