28.Dec .2022 18:00

I Can't Be Satisfied With Public Transport - Tbilisi Mayor

I Can't Be Satisfied With Public Transport - Tbilisi Mayor
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Kakha Kaladze spoke about the condition of public transport at the meeting of the Tbilisi City Council. According to him, the City Hall has fully renovated the fleet of public transport, but challenges still remain.

Kaladze called on the members of the City Council to share their ideas with the City Hall within the framework of public transport reform.

"Our main task is to make public transport popular. To achieve this goal, we completely changed the fleet of yellow buses. Today, the capital has 800 new European standard buses. We also renovated the minibus park, which was also in a bad condition. But if you ask me whether we are satisfied with what is happening in the capital today, even in the direction of public transport, I will clearly tell you that I am not satisfied due to several reasons: the reform is not finished and we are in a transitional stage.

Now we are going through the most important and difficult stage. Even in terms of society's attitude towards public transport. The emergence of appropriate lanes for buses and minibuses is novatly for the public, and many may not even know how important this issue is. Obviously, we don't urge the population to stop their cars and switch to public transport. No, friends. It is your will, it is the will of the resident of this city to travel by bus, metro, minibus, eco-friendly transport or even walk. It's their choice. I simply promise the citizens that it will be comfortable to travel by public transport in this city", said Kaladze.