01.Nov .2020 15:00

Investors Are Needed – BOG

Investors Are Needed – BOG
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Foreign investors are needed in this country – this is what the CEO of the Bank of Georgia Archil Gachechiladze told The Checkpoints while commenting on the agenda that the business community and citizens might have for the new parliament after the elections.
“We don’t have enough savings. We are not Switzerland. In Georgia it’s only the first generation who is accruing some capital – Archil Gachechiladze said - In Soviet times if any family had two apartments were considered rich which is laughable by European standards so we need real capital that can create jobs, that can create products or services, and these are large capitals”.
According to the CEO of the systemic bank of Georgia, the new government has to make sure that every investor in Georgia feels comfortable, deploying their money here. “Because Georgians or non-Georgians - capital has the choice to either stay and get invested here or go to other countries – Gachechiladze told The Checkpoints - We must care for local investors and we must attract foreign investors. Both are important and the second one is even more so because with the second one comes technology transfer - some basic one, some more sophisticated”.