19.Jan .2022 19:00

Koda To Produce Bio-Eggs

Koda To Produce Bio-Eggs
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Koda works on the production of bio-eggs. As Zurab Chuchulashvili, director of the company told BM.GE, they are working on the idea of producing bio-eggs for 5 years already. The pandemic has disrupted the processes, though they now intend to resume work.

"We plan to feed the chicken with organic food to get bio-eggs," he said.

According to him, 10-15% of the production will be replaced by organic products, in which about USD 0.5 million will be invested.

As for the price, according to Zurab Chuchulashvili, the product price will be quite expensive.

"We have been thinking about the production of organic products for about 5 years. The pandemic turned out to be a hindering factor and we failed. We were waiting for stabilization of the epidemiological situation, at this stage we resumed work. We do not yet know the exact time when the "Koda’s" bio-egg will appear on the market. As for the investments, we will invest about half a million dollars to replace 10-15% of production with organic products," said the director of Koda.

The poultry company "Koda" produces about 65 million eggs a year.