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What Amount Of Electricity Did ESCO Buy This Year?

What Amount Of Electricity Did ESCO Buy This Year?
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ESCO reports, that Georgia made the largest amount of electricity imports from Russia in January-October of this year. As of the company, a total of 658 million kWh of electricity was imported from Russia. In the same period last year, this figure was 932 million kWh. Therefore, the imports of electricity from Russia were reduced by about 29%. In the reporting period [10 months of 2022], ESCO purchased electricity from Russia in only three months.

Azerbaijan occupies the second place in electricity imports, from which ESCO bought about 129 million kWh of electricity this year, which was a decrease of 64%. Electricity was not imported from Turkey during the reporting period. Unlike last year, ESCO bought electricity from Armenia, the total volume of which was about 138 million kWh.

In total, the operator of the electricity market bought about one billion kilowatt hours of electricity this year. Last year, this figure was almost 1.4 billion kWh.

According to Gestat, a total of SUD 41 million were spent on electricity imports in 10M2022.

Imports Of Electricity (2018-2022)

2018 – USD 75.8 million
2019 – USD 78.5 million
2020 – USD 64.5 million
2021 – USD 48 million
2022 (10 months) - USD 41 million.