18.Feb .2021 13:30

Not correct that tender winners are revealed merely by prices – the Minister

Not correct that tender winners are revealed merely by prices – the Minister

Bezhan Tsakadze, a member of the parliamentary majority, came out in the parliament with an initiative to change the winning rules for companies in the state tenders. He argued the MPs to revise the rules at the legislative level.

As he has explained at the plenary session, cheap work fulfilled by the companies later becomes more expensive. Tsakadze thinks that companies should be selected according to quality in order to implement projects.

The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Maia Tskitishvili declares, that it is a misconception that tender winner companies are revealed in terms of low prices.

“Combination of quality and price always wins in the tender, so a company with adequate quality and with the lowest price becomes the winner. Naturally, it is very important for us to manage the quality of the fulfilled works and the deadlines.

After the implementation of a lot of projects, now we have more resources to carry out quality control in both small and large projects”, said Maia Tskitishvili.

The Vice Prime Minister cited statistics that there were 224 cases when municipal procurers applied to the Procurement Agency for blacklisting the company and shortlisted the projects.

"Half of the complaints are satisfied. The company is blacklisted and will not be able to continue working, some of them have been given deadlines to correct,” the vice-premier explained.