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Number of MagtiCom and SilkNet Subscriber down, Beeline’s Subscribers – up

Number of MagtiCom and SilkNet Subscriber down, Beeline’s Subscribers – up
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The number of subscribers or active SIM cards in Georgian mobile operators decreased in 2020.

According to the Communications Commission, the decrease from November 2019 to November 2020 amounted to 114 thousand.

As of November 2020, a total of 4.86 million subscribers (SIM card) were active in the country, which means that there were 1.3 active SIM cards per capita. The reason for the decrease can be that subscribers who had 2 active numbers temporarily canceled one due to the economic crisis.

According to the report of the Communications Commission, the number of active SIM cards decreased the most to Silknet, the decline totaled 76 thousand, while MagtiCom’s subscriber number was 44 thousand down. The only operator that has increased the number of subscribers is "Vioni Georgia".

Rating of Subscribers by Active Sim Cards:

MagtiCom - 1,959,149 subscribers, decrease of 43,986 y-o-y;
Silknet - 1,651,829 subscribers, decrease of 75,879 y-o-y;
Vioni Georgia - 1,248,051 subscribers, increase of 5,357 y-o-y.

Despite the subscriber number decrease, revenues of the sector down by 0.6 million GEL and it amounted to 455.4 million GEL in January-November 2020.

Magti is still the leader in terms of revenue, the company received 211 million GEL from its subscribers in January-November.

Rating of Mobile Operators by Revenue:

MagtiCom - 211,076,500 GEL, increase of 0.16% y-o-y;
Silknet - 163,408,291 GEL, increase of 0.45% y-o-y;
Vioni Georgia - 80,904,535 GEL, decrease of -1.97% y-o-y

One of the main indicators for mobile operators is Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), in this regard, Magti has the highest income (10.2 GEL), Silknet is the second with 9.03 GEL, and Vioni – the third with 6.05 GEL.