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TV-Radio Advertising Revenues Were Down By 8% In 2022

01.06.23 13:00

The Communications Commission reports, that in 2022, the total advertising income of television and radio broadcasters decreased by 7.8% compared to the previous year amounting to GEL 73.6 million. The rate stood at GEL 80 million GEL.

The Communications Commission explains the decline in television advertising revenue to restrictions imposed on gambling companies.

In particular, since the second quarter of last year, the broadcast advertising of gambling games has been banned. Prior to the regulation, gambling companies were major funders of broadcasters. According to the Commission, in 2022, the advertising revenue received from the gambling sector amounted to GEL 4.8 million, while the figure stood at GEL 17.9 million in 2021.

According to the report of the regulator, the most affected by the ban were those TV companies, which were more dependent on the income received from the gambling sector.

TV companies by advertising income in 2022: the largest share was held by "Teleimidi" - 34.1%, "Mtavari Aharki" - 13.6%, "Media Holding" [Rustavi 2] - 12.5%, "TV Pirveli" - 7.9%, "Formula" " - 7.8%, "Postv" - 6.6%, Public Brodcaster - 4.2%, BMG TV - 2.6%; Silknet - 1.5%.

In total, the total revenue received from broadcasting in 2022 amounted to GEL101 million, of which GEL 94.2 million was received by television stations, and GEL 6.7 million by radio stations.
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