26.Mar .2020 17:27

Prices not to be Increased on Kula Products – Ivane Goglidze

Prices not to be Increased on Kula Products – Ivane Goglidze
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Demand on Kula products decreased by 25%, while demand for canned meat has increased by 150% in particular, - Ivane Goglidze, director of Gori canning factory, told BM.GE.

According to him, the company is struggling to meet the growing demand for canned meat, though product supply is still being made.

“Demand at the stores is on primary consumer goods, so demand for our products has declined by over 25%, but demand for our canned food has increased by about 150%. We find it difficult to keep up with the demand for inappropriate delivery, because everyone wants canned products, including government agencies - the army, the police are giving us double orders, including shops.

The product in the new packaging will enter in chains, because it is difficult to bring the tin. We have changed the packaging accordingly, though this will not increase the price of the product. The value of meat is also rising at this time. We will try not to reflect price increase on our product”, Ivane Goglidze said.
Kula's director says that the production of different products is going smoothly at the factory and he will not increase the price of their products in the next two months.

“We don’t plan price change on our products in March, April, May, because we have bought and supplied all our products earlier. And after May new fruits will be harvested - we will look at the prices and adjust accordingly, ”Goglidze explains.