13.Oct .2020 10:00

The Major Target of Our Anticrisis Measure Was to Lockdown

The Major Target of Our Anticrisis Measure Was to Lockdown
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In her recent interview with The CheckPoints, the Minister of Economy, Natia Turnava, stated that she is satisfied with the measures taken as a stimulus package for the economy, which concentrated on various industries and generally to the economy.
"Securing international financing at the beginning of the pandemic crisis was very important for us because it sent a crucial signal to the business community that government has an evident plan on how to overcome the challenge and how to help the affected industries. The government has sufficient sources due to the solid support of our partners of international financial institutions. These institutions help us due to the confidence that the government will provide gradual reforms despite the virus. They see that we are committed towards reforms," - she said. 
According to Turnava, the inability to stimulate business activities during the pandemic's first wave was quite expected due to the government's chosen strategy to lockdown.
"The first half of the year, we could not stimulate business activities because the whole idea behind securing and preventing widespread of the virus was to lockdown. That was the major target of our anticrisis measure - to lockdown. But despite that, we managed to separate industries, to keep them alive, to keep them well prepared for looking out. And we managed to overcome that for them to pass this period quite successfully,"-she said.
Turnava asserts the importance of the next major goal - more focus on business stimulation.  
"Now, our major goal is to be concentrated more on the stimulation, on encouraging businesses and new investments. When we speak about the swift recovery and V shape recovery, it is not reflected only in the figures of GDP growth or drop. We can observe the positive trends within the sectors of business activities,"-she said.