29.Oct .2020 15:00

“Signs of Economic Recovery Are Visible” – Natia Turnava

“Signs of Economic Recovery Are Visible” – Natia Turnava

According to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Natia Turnava, despite the fact that the world is fighting a pandemic globally and Georgia can not be an exception, the first signs of economic recovery are already visible.
As the Minister said after the government session, the positive signs are reflected in the weakening of the economic downturn from month to month.
According to Turnava, it is quite logical that some time ago, the IMF and other international organizations assessed Georgia's prospects so that in the coming years the country will continue to be one of the regional leaders in terms of economic growth.
"In 2021-2025, our economic growth rate will be 5.5% annually. This means that in the near future we will be able to overcome the problems caused by Covid to further strengthen the status of a regional leader. "The first signs of this are already this month, which was reflected in the positive rate of exports," - said Natia Turnava.

The Minister believes that the positive indicators of exports indicate the correct policy of the government to stop the spread of the epidemic.

"This has allowed us to resume operations very quickly in many fields, including agriculture. If you can see which field is the leader in terms of exports, this is exactly agriculture. That is, if other countries were relatively closed, we would have been able to market a lot more agricultural products and conquer new markets, thus beating many competitors. This applies not only to agriculture but also to textiles, ”said Natia Turnava.