20.Oct .2020 14:00

What is the strategy that government follows?

What is the strategy that government follows?
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Minister of Economy Natia Turnava stated after the Inter-Agency Coordination Council Meeting today that the government does not cosider any full lockdowns of the economy and will impose only targeted restrictions.

"We see the first COVID-cases among businesses - Turnava stated - however, we also see that these businesses return to work later".

According to the Minister, good example is Ajara Textile where 100 employees were COVID-positive, and due to this fact the factory was being closed for a while.

"It is now opening up fully complying with state protocols and recommendations" - Natia Turnava stated. To her this is the strategy that the government will follow. "Ajara Textile has a big role in boosting our exports by 9%" - Turnava said, addind that both Kobuleti and Batumi factories are in order, and Poti will soon follow.