23.Jan .2020 17:46

Which privatization object is Lasha Papashvili interested in?

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Several weeks ago, the government submitted 100 objects for privatization. The objects are for sale throughout Georgia, some of them have been already sold.

Businessman and founder of Redix company Lasha Papashvili says that they are interested in purchase of specific objects, the process of studying is still underway. The matter concerns to the objects in Kvareli and Sagarejo.

“Our development department has already submitted several projects and I have instructed them to explore more in depth. If it's related to HoReCa Business (business-hotel-restaurant-café), we'll make it. One of them is in Kvareli. We already have a wine and milk processing plant there. The second facility is in Sagarejo, though it is a small farm. It was launched by us, but now it is included in the privatization list. The point is that it is very close to the settlement and is a little risky for the agricultural project because the rights of neighbors and consumers have not been violated”, Lasha Papashvili said