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“175 Complaints Have Been Submitted to the Precinct Election Commissions” – Violations Observed in the Polling Stations

02.10.21 17:45
According to the Central Election Commission, as of 15:00, 175 complaints have been submitted to the precinct election commissions throughout Georgia, most of them related to procedural violations and requesting disciplinary action against the members of the commissions.
"Today, one of the observer organizations also reported that 24.3% of precinct election commissions were not ready to start the voting process by 08:00 am. We have been providing you with information on the voting process since the morning and already at 08:30 in the morning we have informed you that the precinct election commissions have opened for voting at 08:00. A total of 9 polling stations were opened 10-15 minutes late throughout Georgia (Mtatsminda 1 polling station, Krtsanisi 2 polling stations, Vake 3 polling stations, Dedoplistskaro 1 polling station, Khobi 1 polling station, Martvili 1 polling station), which, you will agree, can not be 24.3 %.of 3 664 polling stations.

According to the same organization, an observer was expelled from Zugdidi # 90 polling station, who, according to them, "recorded a number of violations." We also checked the information and informed you that several observers were obstructing the voting process, they were taking photos of the voters' ID cards, the chairman of the commission warned them because of the above, but later had to expel them from the polling station. Thank you for your attention," said the CEC spokesperson.
According to the election administration, the next information briefing will be held at 18:00.

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