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CEO Of Enterprise Georgia Visited Chateau Artwine

14.12.22 11:35
With the support of Enterprise Georgia’s Hotel Industry Development program "Chateau Artwine" was opened in 2021 in the village of Artana in Kakheti. The 32-guestroom already employs 47 people, with locals accounting for 80% of the workforce.

"Initially, the majority of the recruits were from Tbilisi, but we were able to replace them with locals over time. It was a challenging and time-consuming process, but we got there with the help of trainings and the genuine interest of the locals"- says co-founder Leila Meskhi.

Among other services, "Chateau Artwine" provides its guests with one-of-a-kind wines made exclusively in the hotel's cellar.

Any time of year, the hotel welcomes a large number of visitors who come to Kakheti to relax or mark significant occasions.
In addition, the hotel's co-founders are also planning to expand the hotel, in particular by building individual villas and creating more job opportunities in the near future.