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China, Like Other Countries, Is Interested In The Anaklia Port Project - Minister

ეკონომიკის მინისტრი

The Minister of Economy of Georgia, Levan Davitashvili declares, that many international companies from different countries, including China, are interested in the Anaklia port project.

As the minister mentioned, the first stage of assessment may be completed in September or early October, and then the technical conditions will be clarified.

"Anaklia is, first of all, a very important economic project for Georgia. Anaklia is a commercial port, which should ensure more cargo turnover in Georgia and the Middle Corridor. It is an important part of our logistics and transport strategy. We consider the development of Anaklia in this regard. This is a context to be considered when choosing a partner. You know that we are in the South Caucasus. The port of Anaklia is an important constituent link, connecting the East, Asian countries and Europe, in particular the West.

As for the possible participation or interest of Chinese companies, you can see that Chinese companies are quite actively involved in infrastructure development in Georgia. Chinese companies were quite competitive in implementing certain projects. We confirm that there is interest from Chinese companies in participating in the Anaklia project, although there is interest not only from the Chinese companies. Many other international, qualified and experienced companies are interested in the Anaklia project. When we said that we are starting the development of Anaklia with a new approach, opponents evaluated it as a utopia, impossible, however, today, interest is clearly visible. Leading international companies from different countries are interested in this process.

The selection process is being carried out in accordance with the legislation. The first stage of assessment may be completed in September or early October. We will probably move to the second stage in the fall, when the technical conditions will be clarified with the bidders. The companies that meet the qualification requirements will become bidders, with whom we will start to directly agree on specific technical conditions," the minister said.