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Following Teleperformance's Launch In Our Country, Three Of The Top Five BPO Companies Are Now Operating In Georgia - Khidureli

აწარმოე საქართველოში
10.11.23 18:00

We have been able to attract another leading BPO company to Georgia, solidifying the presence of global companies and the sector in the country - Mikheil Khidureli stated, speaking about the French company Teleperformance's recent launch in Georgia.

He stated that the company's entry into the country followed a year of negotiations, visits, and meetings in Georgia.

Ultimately, we managed to convince the company to make an investment in Georgia, citing the well-qualified workforce in the region as a key factor. Teleperformance currently has a global workforce exceeding 410,000 individuals, and we’re glad to contribute to that number, specifically in Georgia. With the launch of Teleperformance in the country, we can confidently declare that three of the world's largest companies in the BPO industry are now established in Georgia. This underscores that the resilient business landscape here is a strong global player, says Mikheil Khidureli, CEO of Enterprise Georgia.

Founded in France in 1978, Teleperformance has become synonymous with extensive proficiency in debt collection, telemarketing, customer relationship management, content moderation, and communication. Over the years, the company has cultivated a notable image, establishing itself as a leader in these key areas.