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Fuel Price Up In Georgia - Union Of Oil Product Importers

Natia Taktakishvili
13.10.21 12:00
In recent days, the significant growth in fuel prices on the wholesale market in Georgia has made fuel more expensive at non-branded gas stations.

The Union of Oil Product Importers explains that according to S&P Global Platts, international prices on oil products are also increased. In particular, the price of gasoline has increased by about USD 44.25 or 5.9% per ton from October 1 to date and amounted to USD 791.25, while the price of diesel fuel has increased by about USD 54.5 or 8.2% per ton from October 1 (increased by USD 130 or 22% from September 1 ) and totaled to USD 722.50 per ton.

"As for the prices in the retail fuel chain of Georgia, the prices for fuel did not change in September. As for October, there was a significant increase in fuel prices on the wholesale market, which led to an increase in fuel prices at some non-branded gas stations in recent days," the agency said.

According to the Union of Oil Products Importers,the average fuel prices at branded gas stations are as follows:

Regular type gasoline - GEL 2.81-3.09 per liter;
Premium type gasoline - GEL 3,07-3,18 per liter;
Super type gasoline - GEL GEL 3.15-3.26 per liter;
Euro diesel - GEL 2.87-3.07 per liter;
Diesel - GEL 2.64-2.99 per liter.