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Georgia Is Ahead Of 24 EU And NATO Member Countries - PM

20.07.23 11:00
Not only that we will not fall behind, we will always be ahead of Ukraine and Moldova today, yesterday and tomorrow, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili told the media.

According to the Prime Minister, Georgia is ahead not only of Ukraine and Moldova, but also of 14 EU and more than 10 NATO member countries.

"According to all estimates, including the report of the European Commission published a few months ago, Georgia is ahead, ahead of Moldova, Ukraine, and I am not even talking about other countries. In general, to repeat once again, in a number of rankings, with all the criteria, with the criteria established by them - our international, American, European organizations, we are ahead not only of the countries you mentioned [Ukraine, Moldova], but also ahead of 14 EU countries, 10 NATO members. We are ahead of more countries. This is real, my friends. Don't be sad of our country's success," said the Prime Minister.