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GNERC: Georgia is not reliant on Russian energy

BMG Staff
12.08.22 12:00
It often becomes a subject of manipulation that Georgia is energy dependent on Russia - we are not energy dependent on Russia, the Chairman of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Commission, Davit Narmania said.

In his words, Georgia has the opportunity to import electricity from both Azerbaijan and Turkey. Over 90% of natural gas is imported from Azerbaijan and only a very small amount is imported from Russia.

“I would like to emphasize, that country for importing electricity for particular month is determined by the most cost-effective offer they make to us. In general, Georgia imports electricity from Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, depending on prices in particular period. Thus, we are not reliant on Russian energy, both in terms of electricity and gas, I protest with full responsibility. We have the opportunity to import electricity both from Azerbaijan and Turkey, as for natural gas, more than 90% is imported from Azerbaijan, a very small part is imported from Russia, which is a necessary technical tool for regulating the pressure of this gas pipeline on the one hand, and on the other hand, Georgia gets some benefits from the natural gas transported to Armenia. Thus, we do not have dependence on Russia, both in terms of electricity and natural gas," Davit Narmania said at the press conference.

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