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It is difficult to replace Egypt with other destinations for a Georgian vacationer - "PEGAS Touristik"

Natiko Taktakishvili
11.01.24 18:00

"It is very difficult to replace Egypt with other destinations, it is almost impossible due to its low cost", - General Director of "PEGAS Touristik Georgia", Salome Beraya told TV program "Women's Narrative".

According to him, there is guaranteed sun, good weather, good service, high quality hotels in Egypt. It would be possible to replace Egypt only with a country where it is warm, sunny and the price is affordable.

"As you know, due to the influence of the war, we had stopped this direction. Because of the Israel war, customers were cautious, they were afraid, there was no demand, so we had to cancel the flights. This was a pure commercial decision on the part of our company to avoid losses. However, I will say now that there was never any danger of traveling to Egypt. Flights from Tbilisi to Sharm el-Sheikh will be officially resumed on March 3. The situation is gradually calming down, therefore, the date of the official resumption of flights will be March 3," Salome Beraya notes.

Air Cairo made the last charter flight from Georgia to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on October 29, after which the flights were temporarily canceled. It is worth noting that the reason for the suspension of flights was the war situation in Israel, which had no connection with the Egyptian resort, however, because Egypt shares a border with Israel, the war caused fear among customers and they began to actively cancel their reservations. Consequently, due to low demand, the airline was forced to decide to stop flights.

Air Cairo operated direct charter flights from Tbilisi to Sharm el-Sheikh once a week, on Sundays.