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Not A Single Fact Was Confirmed That Any Sanctions Were Circumvented With The Participation Of Georgia - Deputy Minister

გიორგი კაკაურიძე
Natiko Taktakishvili
04.12.23 18:00

Not a single case, not a single fact has been confirmed for a year and a half, that any sanctions were circumvented with the participation of Georgia, - Deputy Finance Minister Giorgi Kakauridze told reporters.

Kakauridze responded to the story published in the media, where a former employee of the border police talks about the smuggling of sanctioned goods. As the Deputy Minister of Finance noted, such talks about sanctioned cargoes are "absolute lies".

"Of the state institutions that are more or less responsible for the enforcement of sanctions, it is mainly our agency - the Revenue Service and Customs Department, in coordination and cooperation with other agencies. I declare with full responsibility that not a single case, not a single fact has been confirmed for a year and a half, that there was any circumvention of sanctions with the participation of Georgia. All those ex-employees’ talks about the circumvention of sanctions in Georgia are an absolute lie. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also made a statement on a specific case, however, in general, we are coordinating with the relevant services of both the European Union and the United States, and not a single case proves that our country was used by anyone to circumvent sanctions. We fully comply with sanctions both in the financial and customs part and in connection with cargo handling. You should probably ask this person why he invents such a story, because even this person has not brought any confirming fact that Georgia is used to circumvent sanctions, no one can bring it, because it does not exist," said Kakauridze.