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One GEL Co-Financed By Enterprise Georgia Brought 15 Times More Income - Agency

Natia Taktakishvili
30.06.22 19:00
Mikheil Khidureli, director of the agency "Enterprise Georgia" declares, that the results of the project are impressive.

According to him, the programs of the agency have been implemented since 2015 and as of today, about 9 thousand projects have been carried out, which means a total of 58 thousand jobs.

"The results are really impressive, one co-financed lari generated 15 times more revenue for the business, as well as one co-financed lari added GEL 1.6 to the budget in the form of taxes and one lari generated an additional GEL 5 gross domestic product, which means that "Enterpise Georgia" programs have a quick effect on our economy, "- said Mikheil Khidureli.

According to the analysis, the total cost of the projects approved since the signing of the first loan/leasing interest co-financing agreement (2020) has been GEL 28 million.

Enterprise Georgia held the presentation of Enterprise Georgia's Economic Impact Assessment Report.

GIZ and international experts created an economic impact assessment framework and presented the results and effects that the agency’s programs had during the last period.

At the presentation, Enterprise Georgia’s impact assessment results were communicated, which has been derived from analyzing the economic and financial analysis of the agency’s beneficiaries.