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Russian Red Wings To Operate Its First Flight To Georgia On June 15


02.06.23 17:00 335 ნახვა

According to BMG, the Russian airline Red Wings will operate its first flights to Georgia on June 15-16.

Namely, the first flight Sochi - Tbilisi - Sochi will be fulfilled on June 15, while another flight to Moscow on June 16.

The Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia gave a flight permit to the airline on May 18.

According to the applications submitted by Red Wings to the Civil Aviation Agency, multiple charter flights in the direction of Sochi - Tbilisi - Sochi were to start from June 2. Charter flights Moscow-Kutaisi-Moscow had to be operated on the same day as well.

On May 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order to restore the canceled direct air traffic with Georgia. At the moment, two Russian and one Georgian airline have permission to fly on the Moscow-Tbilisi route. Georgian Airways has been operating Tbilisi-Moscow flights since May 20.
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