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Russians Spent The Most Money On Roaming In Georgia In 2022

01.06.23 18:00

The income from roaming services has increased to GEL 28 million in 2022, of which GEL 7 million is the retail income received from outgoing roamers, while GEL 21 million is the income received from the services of incoming roamers.

As for the countries, according to the Communications Commission report for 2022, the largest amount - GEL 1.77 million was spent on roaming services by the roamers who left for Turkey. Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates are in the top three after Turkey.

Roamers from Russia and the United Arab Emirates spent the most money on mobile services while staying in Georgia. Russians' roaming expenses amounted to GEL 5.17 million.

TOP Countries By Incoming Roamers:

Russia - GEL 5.17 million;
United Arab Emirates - GEL 2.38 million;
Turkey - GEL 1.94 million;
Israel - GEL 1.28 million;
Ukraine - GEL 1.21 million;
Saudi Arabia - GEL 1.15 million;
Poland - GEL 0.97 million;
USA - GEL 0.75 million;
Armenia - GEL 0.47 million;
Germany - GEL 0.35 million.
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