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The Budget Allocated For Disaster Relief Increased To GEL 80 MLN - Kakauridze

The First Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia, Giorgi Kakauridze, announced at the committee meeting held on Friday, that the annual budget allocated for liquidation of the consequences of natural disasters increased from GEL 50 million to GEL 80 million due to the increased number of natural disasters this year.

"Every year, we allocate funds for the projects to be implemented in the regions of natural disasters. GEL 50 million is needed to liquidate the disaster in the municipality, but this year, unfortunately, except for Shovi and Guria, there were many more natural disasters in Georgia, and we had to allocate more than GEL 80 million, which is expected to increase again by the end of the year. A part of this money was used to complete the projects started last year, and a part was used for the liquidation process of the natural disasters that happened this year", says Kakauridze.

According to the Deputy Minister of Finance, the allocated budget will be used for road infrastructure in Shovi and accommodation of families living in dilapidated houses in Guria.