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The Budget Received GEL 96 MLN From Privatization

03.09.21 13:00

The 2021 Budget Performance Report for 7 months shows that the state budget received GEL 95.7 million from privatization this year.

In total, the government plans to receive GEL 350 million from privatization this year. Accordingly, the government should receive more than GEL 250 million from privatization in the remaining months.

As of the draft version of the 2021 budget, the revenues that should be received from privatization were set at GEL 150 million. However, as of the adjusted budget in July, its volume was increased by GEL 200 million.

GEL 18 million was the income from the land sale, while GEL 77.8 million was received from the sale of other assets.

In parallel, the government launched another wave of privatization. In August, the Ministry of Economy put up an additional GEL 90 million worth of property for sale.
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