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The Parliament Has Approved a Revised Version of the 2021 Budget

22.07.21 19:00

The Parliament approved the revised version of the draft law "On the State Budget of Georgia for 2021" with 85 votes against none.
According to the changes in the state budget for 2021, the GDP will increase from 3.4 to 7.7%. The deficit is reduced from 7.6 to 6.9%. Government debt is reduced to 54.6 percent. Budget revenues increase by 1 billion 175 million GEL and the government increases taxes by 1 billion 114 million GEL. Almost 19.5 billion GEL will be spent from the state budget next year.

Amendments to the draft budget have also been made to support programs in the productive sectors of the agricultural and economic sectors and to address pandemic-related health expenditures.

Health costs related to the pandemic, after adding GEL 446 million, will amount to GEL 846 million. More than 150 million GEL is provided for vaccination.

Giorgi Kakauridze, First Deputy Minister of Finance, introduced the amendments to the 2021 state budget to the members of parliament.
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