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Three Committees Approved The Gov't Program And A Vote Of Confidence

საგარეო საქმეთა სამინისტრო

The Foreign Relations, the EU Integration, and the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committees discussed the vote of confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers and the Governmental Program “For Building the European State”. The Committees heard the candidate for the Foreign Minister, Ilia Darchiashvili.

“The turbulent geopolitical situation in the world requires well-realized and consistent steps in the foreign policy, which serve for the sustainable and stable development of the country, peaceful conflict resolution, achievement of the foreign policy priorities and highlighting the regional and international role of the country”, - Darchiashvili stated.

According to him, against the background of the acute challenges, the Georgian Government proved to successfully protect the national interests, prevent threats and achieve tangible progress at the international fora.

“As a result of the successful and consistent complex policy of the Government, we achieved unprecedented results in the history of EU integration of the country in 2023, and today, Georgia is the EU candidate state”.

As he noted, the Government is committed to achieving higher outcomes on this path. According to the candidate, the Ministry, in view of EU membership, is directing all the efforts to further progress and taking maximal advantage of the status. Per his report, NATO integration remains a key foreign policy task.

“Georgia, as an aspirant state, aspires to keep the effective application of all principal NATO integration instruments”. As he added, the Ministry also continues to achieve the imperative priority of the country – enhancement of the sovereignty and peaceful restoration of the territorial integrity.

“The Ministry will spare no effort to ensure peaceful resolution of the Russia-Georgia conflict in terms of the de-occupation of the Georgian territories and the reconciliation of the conflict-divided society”.

Darchiashvili stated that the non-recognition policy will be further consolidated at the international theatre along with the effective use of the instruments of the international court in this process. The candidate dwelt on the relations with the partner and friend countries, adding that the strategic partnership will be further enhanced with the USA in all priority directions envisaged under the Strategic Partnership Charter. Per his assessment and providing the EU candidate status, the development of bilateral relations with the European countries become of utmost importance.

As he noted, providing the increased geopolitical and regional function of the country, it is imperative to ensure strategic cooperation with China in all directions established under the Strategic Partnership Declaration. He accentuated the role of the so-called “middle corridor” as a connection between Asia and Europe.

“Georgia is continuing to take significant steps in this direction. It is particularly noteworthy to intensify the energy, transport and digital “connectivity” with the EU”.

As underlined by the candidate, increased transit capacity and the formation of the country as a key actor of the Black Sea region, gained higher relevancy to the regional cooperation in bilateral and multilateral formats along with the active engagement of our compatriots residing abroad in the development of the country.

“Taking care of its citizens is one of the key functions of any country”, - he stated.

After the report, he answered the questions. The Committees approved a vote of confidence and the Governmental Program.