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Wallpaper Worth USD 11 MLN Was Imported In The Country - Where Does Georgia Buy The Goods?

Natia Taktakishvili

16.12.22 12:00 478 ნახვა

In 10M2022, Georgia purchased 3,643 tons of wallpaper paper and other wall coverings USD 11 million worth.

The value of imports is 12.7% higher compared to the same period of the last year and equal to the pre-pandemic numbers. However, the volume of purchased goods is 182 tons less than the figure of 2019.

Official statistics show that wallpaper import markets are diversified.

TOP-5 Countries By Wallpaper imports:

1. Germany - USD 2.2 million, 645 tons;
2. Russia - USD 2.2 million, 506 tons;
3. Ukraine - USD 2 million, 601 tons;
4. China - USD 1.3 million, 424 tons;
5. Italy - USD 876 thousand, 447 tons;

In addition to these countries, wallpaper paper and other wall coverings were imported from Belgium, Turkey, Belarus, the United Kingdom, France, Uzbekistan and other countries in small volumes.
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