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What Problems Does The Public Procurement System Create For Energy Projects?

30.09.21 13:00

Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) has prepared a ten-year plan for the development of the natural gas network. The document reviews predicted indicators and challenges of this sector.

The corporation names the difficulties in the public procurement system as one of the obstacles on the way is the implementation of infrastructure projects.

“The difficulties associated with the country's public procurement system makes financial challenges more problematic, which make it impossible to make operational decisions due to the length of mandatory procedures," the document reads.

In addition, the document also lists the risks of national currency depreciation.

"State-owned companies operating in the gas sector receive income in the national currency. It is likely that it will be difficult to take the cost of energy products due to the insolvency of the population and small enterprises. Unemployment is significantly increased and there is a sharp decline in demand for services, so the state should take effective measures to provide assistance to the low-income population," – reads the plan.
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საფონდო ბირჟები