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Wine Exports From Georgia To Russia Up By 26%

Natia Taktakishvili
20.12.22 11:00
Wine exports from Georgia to Russia increased by 26%. According to Geostat data, USD 150 million worth of wine was exported to Russia in 11 months, which was 64% of the total exports.

According to the National Wine Agency, the fact that Russia remains the main export market for Georgian wine is considered a short-term effect. The head of the National Wine Agency explained to BMG at the beginning of the month that the increase in Russia's share is related to the situation caused by the war.

"Due to the embargo and other factors, there was a shortage of alcoholic beverages on the Russian market. Compared to last year, over 35-40% less alcoholic products are imported in Russia, so the market tries to fill this deficit. This is what causes such an increased demand for alcoholic beverages. I think this is not a long-term perspective and it is an immediate reaction of the market to the consequences caused by the war", Mekhuzla said.

As for other export markets, Poland is in second place, where wine exports have increased by USD 1.7 million. Despite the war, Ukraine is in the top three, where USD 11.5 million worth of wine has been exported, although this figure has been halved.

TOP-10 export market

1. Russia - USD 150 million;
2. Poland - USD 13.8 million;
3. Ukraine - USD 11.5 million;
4. China - USD 11.4 million;
5. Kazakhstan - USD 9.4 million;
6. Belarus - USD 6.29 million;
7. USA - USD 4.9 million;
8. Latvia - USD 4.1 million;
9. Germany - USD 3.1 million;
10. Lithuania - USD 1.9 million.

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