10.Dec .2019 14:03

According to Lekvinadze, Gakharia entrusted him to implement deep monitoring of the pharmaceutical sector


“Gakharia entrusted me to implement deep monitoring of the pharmaceutical sector”, - Irakli Lekvinadze, chairman of Competition Agency has declared to the reporters related to the regulation of pharmaceutical sector.

According to him, as soon as the pharmacy monitoring process will be completed, they will submit detailed report to the customers. However, Irakli Lekvinadze noted that the Competition Agency will share European experience in the monitoring process.

“The monitoring process is being carried out since the beginning of this year. Today we are holding a meeting with industry representatives, as well as specialists, including experts within the framework of a program supported by the Competition Agency. Personally,I have an assignment from the Prime Minister of Georgia to conduct a thorough monitoring of the pharmaceutical sector and provide a detailed report to the customers as soon as the work is completed”, Lekvinadze said.