09.Dec .2019 13:47

Direction of Pension Agency: the size of the fund today is 461 million GEL

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Today, the chairman of the State Pension Agency, Levan Surguladze, has announced that he is appealing on resignation to the Supervisory Board of the agency and hopes to leave the position in January 2020. At the same time, Levan Surguladze says that he prays for the success of the reform, - "the reform is carried out successfully and it will continue to be successful, I am sure. I will always pray about it. I will be with my team morally".

According to Levan Surguladze, 60,000 companies are involved in the reform. The number of people engaged in the system totals to 943,113, while 163,000 persons have the right to leave. Levan Surguladze said that the number is lower than the fund had expected. The amount of accumulated money in the system is 461 million GEL.

"Today the pension agency is working properly, in a normal way. All of its functions are working smoothly, without any delays. The results are better than we expected. Reform is really successful. As of today, we have 943,113 persons in the pension scheme, including 163,000 persons have the right to leave. More than 60,000 companies are involved in the scheme. The pension fund for today is 461,168,297 GEL", - he says.