14.Aug .2019 15:22

Ivane Machavariani - Georgian Broadcasters - "Imedi", "Rustavi 2" and "Maestro" have debts to State Budget

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The Minister of Finance of Georgia, Ivane Machavariani made a statement about the liabilities accumulated by Georgian private broadcasters before the central budget. Machavariani says that the “vicious practice of tax avoidance has to end.”

According to the Minister of Finance, the debt of three broadcasters - “Imedi”, “Rustavi 2” and “Maestro” amounts to GEL 55 million. Namely the debt of “Rustavi 2” is about 28 million GEL, “Imedi” has a liability of 19 million GEL, and “Maestro” has a delinquent liability of 8 million GEL.

Minister says that the government does not intend to declare amnesty over these debts and urges the management of those companies to start talks on restructuration during the next two weeks.

“I think this issue must be resolved once and for all. We must have a fair playground for all companies, because there are broadcasters that do not have any liabilities, like “TV Pirveli” or “Caucasus”, therefore everyone has to start paying taxes.

I would like to call the management of these companies as soon as possible, within two weeks our ministry will have meetings with them. Current debts have to be repaid and debt accumulation has to stop.

Mainly those liabilities have accumulated during 2017-2019 years. before 2016 all debts were properly paid,- "Machavariani said.