17.Jul .2019 11:28

"pensioners, disabled and other groups will be able to purchase medication for 1 GEL"- Bakhtadze

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Pensioners, persons with disabilities and other groups in Georgia will be able to buy 35 medications for 1 GEL to treat six kinds of chronic diseases, announced Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze.

"One of the most painful challenges manifests itself in the fact that out-of-pocket payments of our citizens on medication is very high in Georgia. We have been working very actively on the mitigation of this problem. We will be considering this very important initiative at the Executive Government Meeting today and adjustments will thus be made to the program of medication for chronic diseases. Current differentiation will no longer exist and together with the socially vulnerable, all other groups of pensioners, disabled and others will be able to purchase 35 trademark medication for a mere 1 GEL. These are mainly those prescribed for 6 chronic diseases in the following areas: cardio-vascular, thyroid gland, lung, diabetes, epilepsy and Parkinson. I pledge that we will continue working hard towards minimizing the out-of-pocket payments of our citizens on medication and we will deliver upon this promise by all means,"- Bakhtadze announced.

Bakhtadze promised the public to do his best to minimise the cost of medicines for vulnerable people in Georgia.