21.Sep .2022 17:00

Why Are Traffic Jams In Tbilisi? - Mayor's Explanation

Why Are Traffic Jams In Tbilisi? - Mayor's Explanation
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Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze spoke about the traffic jams in the capital city of Tbilisi before the government meeting and explained what causes traffic in the city.

Tbilisi Mayor deeply believes that the rehabilitation process of Melikishvili Str. and Ketevan Dedopli avenue caused the traffic jams after the beginning of the educational process in schools.

"Since the beginning of the study, the central streets have been experiencing congested traffic. All this is due to the infrastructural works that the municipality started on two important avenues, Melikishvili str. and Ketevan Tzamebuli Avenue. I have repeatedly said that rehabilitation works are accompanied by discomfort and problems.

We should not make a complete collapse with rehabilitations of 3-4 avenues at the same time, but the renovation of these avenues is important," said Kaladze.

Kakha Kaladze thanked the families living on Melikishvilistr and Ketevan Tsamuli Avenue for understanding the inconveniences.