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Competition Agency signed a commitment agreement with the company ICR in favor of the consumer

24.08.23 13:21

The Georgian National Competition Agency signed a commitment agreement with the company ICR Trade in favor of the consumer. The case concerns the alleged violation of the Law of Georgia on the Protection of Consumer Rights, the agency said Thursday.

In accordance with the agreement signed between the Agency and the trader, within the frame of the activities of the "Bata" store, the trader was obliged to change the company’s internal policy and to restore the rights of those consumers who allegedly suffered damages due to the trader’s policy. In particular, the company was instructed to:

 - Comprehensibly and fully provide the information to a consumer defined by the law in the national language of Georgia, and the mentioned information should be posted in the retail stores, including the obligation related to the replace/repair/return of the defective item;

 - To provide a clear and understandable indication of the selling price of the goods placed in the retail stores;

 -To establish clear guarantee conditions in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the signed commitment agreement, the trader is obliged to submit evidence of the fulfilled obligations to the Agency within 3 months.

ICR Trade brings together more than 20 international and local brands in the retail sector. Including shoes, clothes, accessories, furniture and catering facilities.

In the direction of the protection of consumer rights, from November 2022 - to July 2023, National Competition Agency has received 317 applications and a case study has been started on 190 applications. For 9 months, the Competition Agency signed 56 commitment agreements in favor of the consumer on 93 cases. The issue regarding the 30 commitment agreements signed in 50 cases has been completely exhausted. In the same period, according to the Agency’s decision, the 18 facts of violations of the rights of the consumer group were confirmed -in 32 cases, and in 4 cases were not confirmed.

Due to non-fulfillment of the obligation imposed by the Agency, 3 traders were fined in 12 cases, Georgian National Competition Agency said.