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Gas Price Increase Is Inevitable Due To Gas Price Raise – Federation

02.06.22 12:00

Shalva Alaverdashvili, the founder of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants, says that they will have to adjust the prices due to the gas price growth.

“Somehow, everyone thinks that rising prices for businesses only means rising prices for them. This increase directly affects each citizen. Expensive oil and gas products automatically raise the price of products as well as other services. Consequently, due to the expensive products, we will also have to increase the price. It will be inevitable. It's one big chain that never breaks, and as soon as the energy goes up, everything automatically goes up, both for business and for each of us. We should not call it additional pressure, because we will adjust the prices correspondingly," Alaverdashvili said.

Yesterday, gas supply companies announced that tariffs for commercial customers will increase from July 1.

In the case of Tbilisi Energy, gas tariff was set at GEL 1.35 per cubic meter (VAT included) for commercial customers in Tbilisi.

SOCAR Georgia Gas and Sakorgaz, which are responsible for gas supply to the regions, the price of natural gas per cubic meter for commercial customers was set at GEL 1.38 including VAT.
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