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GEL 1.5 MLN Was Invested In Blueberry Plantation In Guria With The Support Of The Bank Of Georgia

Natia Taktakishvili
07.09.22 16:00
"Bank of Georgia" actively continues to promote agricultural management projects. As a result, a blueberry plantation will be grown on a 16.4 ha plot in the village of Laituri, Guria region in cooperation with the bank. The company plans to use the intensive technologies of "Geoblueberry".

The company purchased a land plot and made an investment of 217,000 EUR. The financial resource allocated by the Bank of Georgia for the final implementation of the project is GEL 1.5 million. The investment will be used for agrotechnical measures of the plot, cultivation of the plot, and purchase of seedlings of modern varieties.

"At this stage, construction of 2 wells is actively underway, which will continuously supply the blueberry plantation with irrigation water. At the beginning of October, the total area of ​​16.4 ha should be ready for planting seedlings, we are waiting to receive seedlings from the best nurseries in the world, such as Spanish Folkrik and French Maltibay. We will be able to plant seedlings by the end of the year. After the planting of the plantations, we expect a harvest of about 210-220 tons. We are carrying out all the planned works in accordance with the consultations with the GlobalGAP expert, in order to subsequently receive the relevant certificate, which will pave the way for the sale of products on the EU market", said Temur Bitsadze, director of the Geobluberry company.

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